A society where children, young people and families are truly invested in to believe in themselves, and supported to achieve their potential.

We work alongside children, young people, families and organisations to make things happen.

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For children and young people
If you have noticed something that is not working or isn’t happening and could be developed or improved; then please get in touch. Together we could look at it and develop out a realistic plan and/or link you up with someone else that may also be able to help.

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, family or group; if all you want in the first instance is a conversation and someone to listen then get in touch.

For organisations
Whether you have a growing idea, or know that something needs to change, it can be hard to move from the sense of possibility to making things a reality. Maybe the path ahead doesn’t feel clear, or you just don’t feel confident taking those next steps. Whether barriers are real or perceived, it can all feel a bit daunting. And often there are a whole host of opportunities that we aren’t even aware of yet, just waiting for us to stumble upon them…all we need is a little bit of ordinary magic!

Here at Red 22 we are passionate about helping you to turn these ideas, thoughts, suggestions, into something which really makes a difference to your organisation and the communities you work for. From an eminently practical perspective we work alongside you to focus on what you do really well, what might be missing and what you want to develop. We will help you see your way through, over, around those barriers and develop the confidence to step out there….

While theories are very useful, we also know that sometimes what you need is practical tips, experience and support to get your idea going. Often you already hold the answers, or if you don’t, someone very near you probably will. Red 22 is about movement, not words. We want to turn all of your potential energy into kinetic energy!

What we do
Consultation and Participation
We are currently supporting a number of schools in developing the way in which they consult with students, parents and staff, in order to improve the quality of what they deliver. Below is an example of the process we have now used in a number of school settings:

Project and Partnership Development
Every week we have conversations with individuals or groups with fantastic ideas, desperate to respond to the unmet need they see in their communities. Often the gap between the ideas and the reality can be something relatively small as gaining confidence, or identifying someone else with a shared sense of purpose to team up with and make it happen. We at Red 22 love being part of this process.

Making Waves Together
This is a local partnership between PSCA, Mounbatten Centre, Plymouth Youth Sailing, Lynher CIC and Red 22. It is a 3 year Sports England Lottery funded project, enabling families living locally in Plymouth and it’s waterfront to access water sports with the aim of improving their mental and physical wellbeing.

The Big Music Project
A partnership between UK Youth, PSCA, and Red 22 facilitating young people’s participation in a media based project. This resulted in a silent disco for young people living locally, which raised money for future young people lead media projects.

The Perception Lab
We are currently working alongside a number of secondary schools in the city, FE and HE colleges to develop a ground breaking project that will provide a range of sustainable solutions to improve the life chances of young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or recognized as having high functioning high functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome. This will encompass the physical environments, the methods of support and the people who are involved, especially at times of transition. A critical element involves awareness raising and adopting an asset based approach to these young people’s lives.

Lobbying and Policy development
Underpinning Red 22’s core purpose is a desire to affect long lasting change. We believe that change is required at a societal level and should not just be levied at individuals. We also believe that given the right environment and opportunities most people will flourish, and will be more able to face challenges with resilience.

Often the most powerful influencers are children and families, and we want Red 22 to be an easy vehicle for their voices to be heard. We campaign at a national level, including presenting at the House of Lords to heads of CCG’s; The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Summit, and the National Association for Young People’s Health conference to name but a few.

About Red 22
The origins of Red 22 are rooted in the Plymouth School of Creative Arts. We are now a stand alone organisation, but we continue to have strong links with the school. The school recognized that like many other organisations, that having close links to an independent organization with a creative mind set would enable them to do things and see things that they wouldn’t have been able to by themselves.

The name Red 22, originated from young people at the school, who were exploring names for their own record company. (The building is ‘Red’ and the location of the building is ’22 Millbay’).

Tim Tod
Tim has recently established Red 22 CIC to collaboratively develop and deliver projects and
educational…read more
Tim Bolton

Tim Bolton originally studied ceramics…read more

Emma Wright
My name is Emma Wright and I am a professionally qualified Youth and Community Worker…read more
Kate Sandel
I started my working life in the environmental sector, but quickly realised that what interested…read more
A society where all children, young people and families are properly invested in to believe in and achieve their full potential – and so succeed.

Listening   Growing   Celebrating

You can get in touch using the contact form below. We’ll do our best to reply within 48 hours!

Tim Tod
Director – Red 22
Tim has recently established Red 22 CIC to collaboratively develop and deliver projects and educational resources that benefit children, young people and their families especially those most vulnerable or marginalised within their community.

Red 22 is currently working with a range of primary, secondary and special schools facilitating staff, students and parent/carers in co-designing, developing and embedding projects and resources with a particular focus on promoting and supporting good mental health.

Tim also works for the University of Exeter Psychology faculty as the Participation Lead across the Southwest for the Department of Health National Programme of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (CYP-IAPTS) and is responsible for supporting agencies in embedding the voice of children, young people and families in its service design and delivery. Alongside this work he volunteers as a Trustee of Brook, Plymouth & Devon Race Equality Council and as an Independent advisor to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Between 1998 until January 2017 he was the Chief Executive of Young Devon (www.youngdevon.org); a charity that has established its reputation for innovative and effective services that tried to add value to the lives of young people (majoring on mental health, housing and social action). In parallel, over the past 20 years he has also spent time seconded into Local Authorities, Government Offices and Local Universities advising and/or leading on specific areas of Youth Policy. He started his involvement in youth work just over 28 years ago as a volunteer in Plymouth at the Zone (Youth Enquiry Service) and went on to become a professionally qualified youth worker; and its projects coordinator. From there he worked for CenterPoint (Youth homelessness Charity) developing a strategy to improve housing options for young people living in Devon.

Tim loves working with others to explore new ways of looking at specific problems/ideas and testing out different ways of working that could make a difference. He loves the concept and process of ‘growing acorns’, and is constantly curious about what works well and why.

He is married, with 3 children and 4 grandchildren, 2 foster children and lives on Dartmoor alongside a growing family and a mix of dogs, cats, horses and sheep…

Tim Bolton
Director – Red 22
Tim Bolton is currently Vice Principal at Plymouth College of Art. He originally studied ceramics and glass at the RCA, practicing in architectural ceramics and glass. Over the last 10 years. Tim has been responsible for completely reshaping the curriculum at PCA, including L&T models, academic structures and validated programmes. His teaching career has covered most types of institution and most levels: running workshops for children, adult and community learning, Foundation courses and programme leadership of BAs and Masters courses. During 2005-2006 Tim undertook a teaching fellowship at the University of Plymouth, part of their CETL, investigating the emerging theories around “Threshold Concepts” and “Troublesome Knowledge” specifically in an Art and Design context. Tim has been an external examiner for the University of the Arts London at Central St Martins and Arts University Bournemouth. Leeds Met, University of Bournemouth, UCA Canterbury, Leeds Met and Ravensbourne.

In 2009 Tim co organised along side Malcolm Ferris the first Making Futures conference, a biannual international event looking at the crafts and sustainability, Making Futures 5 took place in September 2011 and saw over 150 delegates from 37 different countries attend the 2 day event. Although now less directly involved in the conference curation his current research remains in the area of endangered craft skills. These include traditional crafts in the UK as well as across the globe i.e. ceramics, glass, weaving etc. Particularly in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The disappearance of historic craft manufacture has created a hiatus in human social behaviour and distances us from physical contact with the materiality of our environment. His research is involved in looking at the social and economic conditions affecting the ability of craft and making to be sustained and to sustain communities.

As part of the Senior Management Team at Plymouth College of Art Tim was involved from the inception, in the application to government to open the first Creative Free School in the UK. His main input has been shaping the curriculum offer and in developing the pedagogic ethos of the school. Plymouth School of the Creative Arts, a 4 – 16, all-through free school, was given ministerial approval in July 2012 and opened its doors to 120 new pupils in September 2013. The school has grown over the last 4 years and now has 1150 pupils. Tim continues to be involved as one of 4 trustees and as a member of the governing body and is currently developing a new 6th form based around the same creative learning and teaching model.

Emma Wright
Associate – Red 22
My name is Emma Wright and I am a professionally qualified Youth and Community Worker. I have worked in both the voluntary and statutory youth sector for over 15 years. I am passionate about nurturing the strengths, interests, and abilities of young people through the provision of fun and meaningful opportunities.

I make every effort to adopt a culture where young people can become involved in the decisions that affect them at both an individual and systemic level. The young people I have worked with over the years have always managed to inspire and challenge me both personally and professionally and it is a real privilege to see firsthand how young people, through utilising their own passion and determination, can shape their futures for the benefit of both themselves, their peers and wider community.

Kate Sandel
Associate – Red 22
I started my working life in the environmental sector, but quickly realised that what interested me was people, and the benefits that the outdoors has on our wellbeing. Since then, over the past twenty years, I have been involved in a wide range of projects with many different organisations, trying to understand what humans need to feel valued and motivated.

I am passionate about increasing the resilience of young people and their families, and have specialised in the areas of Person Centred Planning, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, and Emotional Health and Wellbeing for children and young people. I am currently working with the Plymouth School of Creative Arts to implement their Mental Health strategy and in recent years have lead on participation for Exeter University as part of their CYPIAPT programme, and was the Head of Policy and Involvement for Young Devon.

I also teach horses and humans across the UK and internationally. I live on Dartmoor with my three horses and dogs and am still passionate about the immensely positive impact nature has on our brains and bodies.